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Monetize your digital content

Get 70% of each order net of costs
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Enhance your users’ experience

Your content is worth sharing right?
We definitely think it is! Use our
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Partner with a leader

We send hundreds of thousands of cards each year, from Europe and the US. Connect to our iOS friendly platform and let us take care of the printing, shipping and billing of your cards.

Get a 70% share on every order net of costs!

Region Currency Selling price Commission % Commission val.
Europe (except UK) EUR 2,49 70% 0,55
UK PND £ 1,99 44% £ 0,44
USA USD $ 1,99 70% $ 0,70
World USD $ 1,99 70% $ 0,70

Amouts are per unit. Europe and UK amounts include VAT. USA and world are not subject to VAT. The commission calculation is based on the margin.
This margin is the difference between the selling price and the cost. This cost includes all printing, shipping and other production expenses.

And for your user

A new way of sharing

Let your users share something real that will remain and convey a unique emotional value.

Printing & sending quality
cards all around the world

Pictures are printed in high definition on a 0.66 lb. and 4x6 inches postcard and sent from Europe or the US within 24h, ensuring faster delivery.

Full customer service

We ensure high customer service standards and make sure all requests are answered within 24 hours.